Dr. Terry Wallace Recognized by the Time to Succeed Coalition

By WV Watchdog on January 29, 2013
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By Amy Purpura | West Virginia Watchdog

Earlier this month, we ran an OPED written by Dr. Terry Wallace titled “Time for Increasing Student Performance” that has received recognition by the Time to Succeed Coalition. In the article, he mentions the need to increase quality time on task during instruction in order to increase student performance and make the most of the time spent in the schoolhouse. With educational policymakers clamoring for an expanded school year to increase student learning and information retention, the first step should be maximizing use of the time already set aside for education in the classroom.

This idea is perfectly in line with the work performed by the Time to Succeed Coalition who focus on improving schools in high-poverty communities throughout the US. They point out that the school year is based on a century old agrarian calendar, when summer vacation used to be set aside for work on the farm. Now, in our modern age, students use this vacation to spend time at the local swimming pool, catch up on their video games, or socialize with friends and family. Expanding the learning time by spreading out the school year more evenly would give educators the opportunity to discuss topics in depth, prevent students from having to play catch-up when school resumes in August, and allow parents to have a work schedule that better aligns with the school schedule.

After reading Dr. Wallace’s OPED on the WV Watchdog, the Time to Succeed Coalition recognized him as a featured signatory to their coalition. In the future, we look forward to seeing this type of change made in our educational programs as advocated by the Time to Succeed Coalition and Dr. Wallace. Their research outlines how our schools can be improved for future student achievement.


The full introduction of Dr. Terry Wallace’s membership in the Time to Succeed Coalition can be found here on the organization’s website.

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