Back Again

By WV Watchdog on September 10, 2012
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We’ve been away for a while with no new updates, but now expect to see more recent news stories being followed by WV Watchdog. I’ve been working with the Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia all summer as a researcher in the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellowship Program. As a graduate from WVU this past May, it has been a rare opportunity to find work in my field of study and in my hometown nonetheless.

This past summer has seen cases of government expanding and abusing their power, and it’s that type of overreaching behavior that WV Watchdog wants to expose. In June, the federal government’s taxing power grew much stronger, and more recently, in Weirton, plans are being made for a publicly subsidized health clinic.

With federal and state elections less than two months away, the actions of our policy-makers must be examined, for the good and the bad, in order to make sound voting choices. In keeping to that mentality, I look forward to working on increasing government transparency these next few months and keeping our leaders honest.

Amy Purpura

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