BREAKING: Mac Warner Files Precandidacy Papers

By westvirginia on December 14, 2009
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Mac Warner, whose name has been touted as a possible Republican challenger to Democrat W.Va. 1st District Rep. Alan Mollohan, has officially filed his precandidacy papers with the West Virginia Secretary of State‘s office joining the crowded field of Mollohan challengers.

Warner, a 23-year military veteran who retired in 2000, is a Morgantown businessman. He has a law degree from West Virginia University, a master’s in Military Law from the Judge Advocate General’s School in Charlottesville, Va., and a master’s degree in International Law from the University of Virginia.

His primary focus will be on the economy, creating jobs, and lowering taxes. “It’s time the people of this district had a Congressman fighting for the interests of West Virginia,” said Warner.  “Recently, Congressman Mollohan has been so tied to Nancy Pelosi that she has acted as our representative – and Mountaineers are different than people in San Francisco.”

Warner’s family has a backgound in military and public service. Two of his brothers, Monty and Casey Warner, are U.S. Army veterans. Monty retired as a general and ran as the Republican candidate for W.Va. Governor, losing to Democrat Joe Manchin in 2004. Casey was a U.S. Attorney in W.Va.’s southern district until being fired by President George W. Bush along with several other Attorneys General, causing a controversy for the Bush administration. Younger brother Kris Warner was Chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party Executive Committee for one term.

“The people of West Virginia’s 1st District deserve quality leadership – by leaders who represent West Virginia values.  If we return to core values, we can turn this State and this Nation around,” Warner said.

Mac Warner is a West Virginia native, West Point graduate, and a small business owner. He as been married for 27 years to his wife, Debbie, and has four children, two of whom have followed the family’s tradition of military service at West Point.

“My son, Steven, recently deployed to Afghanistan, and my daughter, Lisa, is at West Point. We need to give our soldiers clear missions, the equipment they need to win, and the knowledge they have our full support back home.  The War on Terror must be won, and the best place to stop the Muslim extremist threat is before it reaches our borders,” said Warner.

Warner’s paperwork brings the total precandidate list for the 1st Congressional District ti six. For more information on Mac Warner, go to

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